Wondering how Engraving is done?

I have a laser engraver/cutter that I use for a lot of this kind of work.  It is a CO2 laser and is capable of some very fine work.  For those of you interested in lasers it is a Chinese machine I bought direct from China.  It has an 80 watt tube and a 600mm x 900mm bed.  It works on organic materials like wood, acrylic, leather, paper, rubber, plastics, etc.  It can use certain chemicals to put a permanent mark on metals, but it can't cut or directly engrave metals.  I do my design work for it in Corel Suite X7.  


Basically, anything I cut or engrave on the laser is done from a file that I have either modifed or designed completely myself.  Then that file is passed from Corel to the software that controls the laser and I assign power and feed rates to various portions of the job and then tell the laser to start running.  It is a fun machine to use, sometimes dirt simple to use and sometimes a real pain.  But overall I enjoy it and I certainly get a lot of use from it.

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