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My Upcoming Events

Exhibiting at Brace Point Pottery Gallery in Arbor Heights/West Seattle

Contact me directly, or contact Brace Point Gallery (206) 935-6740 to arrange access to the gallery during the virus shutdown.

Brace Point Gallery is the showroom of Loren Lukens, a Master Ceramicist and Potter whose studio is at 4208 SW 100th St in the Arbor Heights neighborhood of West Seattle.  You can contact Loren at 206 935-6740.

Loren's Gallery is VERY worth keeping an eye on each month.  When he is fully open after the virus shutdowns he hosts many local artists, as well as having some wonderful local musicians play for a few evening events each month.  Ask to get on his email list for the "arbor heights culture club" to get notices about up coming events.    And check his web site to see all of his amazing work!

Alki Art Fair

July 25 and 26, 2020

Unfortunately this event has been CANCELED for 2020 due to the Corona Virus Pandemic..

BUT The Fair is currently doing a Virtual Fair through the month of May.  Go to the Fair's web page at, or check out the Facebook page "Alki Art Fair At Home" and also their Instagram using the #alkiartfairathome hashtag!!!   And if you enjoy these pages PLEASE be sure to like them and share them with all your friends.  We are trying to help our artists and craftspeople, vendors and musicians and sponsors who have lost ALL the fairs they were supposed to do this year.  THANKS for helping them with your support!!!!!

The Alki Art Fair is a long running art and craft fair in West Seattle going back to 1997.  Over the years it has grown into a premiere event in West Seattle and is one of the highlights of our summer festivals.  It is held at the end of July and takes place on the promenade along Alki Beach.  The Fair is graced with stunning views of Puget Sound and its islands in the foreground, and the Olympic Mountains rising in the background.  


I have to admit to being a bit weird about this event in that I am almost indifferent to whether I make a profit on the fair or not.  I just love being down there, sharing the items I so enjoy creating, in a gorgeous setting, and with fun, relaxed people from my community and all around the State to visit with for a few days.  This particular fair is a treat for me and I highly recommend it.   We hope to be back up and gracing Alki Beach in July of 2021!

I should also mention that I am on the Board of Directors for the fair as well as an exhibitor.  I do not take part in any of the jury process and my selection as an exhibitor is independent of my role as a Board Member.

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