I had a small end cut from a piece of Holly that made a lovely little bud vase.  Normally I insert a glass test tube into a piece like this so you can keep live blossoms in it, but in this case the piece was not tall enough for that.  So it is best used for dried flowers like Statice or various seed pods.  


The finish is a hand rubbed french polish made of walnut oil and shellac.  I kept the finish thin enough not to create a shine but it is still protected from fingerprints and dust.  It has a microcrystalline wax on the outside to protect it from finger prints.

2" wide x 3" tall Walnut bud vase

  • The finish is a french polish made of walnut oil and shellac, hand rubbed to a soft lustre.  A small amount of care will keep the piece looking lovely.  Use a soft cloth to wipe it clean of dust or other dirt.  A bit of furniture wax and a quick hand buffing with a soft cloth will bring back its lustre and help keep fingerprints off it and make it easier to dust.