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This delicate and detailed 5" x 5" engraving was made from a photo I took during a trip to Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine.  This particular shot is of a pair of large hills they call the Bubbles, a name that is a euphamism for what they resemble in some people's minds.  The lake and the Bubbles are part of an extensive and gorgeous set of broad, finely graveled carriage paths that go around the park.  Perfect for bicycling, horseback riding and strolling or hiking.


This is a great example of what I can do with a photo if you want to do a custom engraving for yourself or as a gift.


These engravings are done on an archival Mason Board surface that has been coated with a thin layer of white Kaolin Clay.  I manipulate the photos digitally to reduce them to line art and then run that file through my laser engraver.  The dark lines in the image is where the laser has burned away the clay, revealing the dark Mason Board underlayer.  The surface can be watercolored and is quite durable.   I also use this material as the basis for the Encaustic Beeswax art pieces I offer.

Acadia National Park in Maine