My wife did this watercolor of a cactus still life.  I took the liberty of replicating the image into beeswax.  It was a great image for this with wonderful colors and a strong sense of luminosity.


This image was made with beeswax in a process called Encaustic Image Transfer.  Without getting into great detail, it involves burnishing an image into a warm beeswax layer which picks up the pigments from the toner or ink.  You then remove the paper by rubbing it while wet until it literally pills away. Eventually you are left with just the image set into the beewax and no paper.  The process takes some time and care, but the result is transluscent and soft, appearing to both glow and float above the background layer the wax sits on.   The general art of Encaustics is several thousands of years old, dating back to the time of the Greeks.  It is a very durable art form, with examples of it having survived in beautiful condition back from its earliest uses.


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